Dogs 4 Us is the largest pet supermarket in the UK still selling puppies, with sites in Manchester and Leeds.

Although the sale of puppies by pet shops remained legal for many years, many organisations, groups and individuals believed this is a completely inappropriate way for anyone to buy a pet. Reputable dog breeders do not sell puppies to third party retailers, so most puppies on sale in pet shops are supplied by large scale commercial multiple breed operations, often referred to as 'puppy farms', which have little concern for the health or welfare of their breeding stock or its offspring.

In September 2014 a debate was held in the House of Commons following presentation of an e-petition with over 100,000 signatures calling for a ban on the sale of puppies and kittens from retail centres such as pet shops. The call for a ban was supported by such august bodies as Blue Cross, Dogs Trust, Dogs Advisory Council. the RSPCA, Dog Rescue Federation and The Kennel Club among many others.

High profile interventions continued to gather pace with more focus on Parliamentary committee investigations and media reports, including programmes by Channel Five News, Sky News and BBC's Panorama, aired in May 2016, about the puppy farm trade, and featuring suppliers of puppies to Dogs 4 Us.

The momentum for change increased in November 2016 with the publication of a report by Parliament's Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee on the welfare of domestic pets in England. Among its many conclusions they recommended a total ban on the sale of dogs by third parties and Defra undertook a public consultation. 

In October 2018 new legislation banning the sale of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks old by licenced sellers came into effect. Then in December 2018, Defra announced that following the public consultation, with 95% of the public in favour of a total ban, new rules banning all sales by third parties of puppies and kittens under 6 months old will be introduced in 2019.

And with dog rescues and shelters across the country dealing with an ever increasing number of dogs in need of new homes, adopting is always an option that should be considered.

For many years protests have been organised at the premises of Dogs 4 Us to try to raise public awareness of the puppy farm trade and the part that shops like theirs play in perpetuating that trade. A number of groups have taken part in these protests and undertaken other activities to raise the profile of the issue. A growing band of politicians representing both parliament and local government have also added their voices to the criticism of these practices.

The response of Dogs 4 Us in January 2012 was to create a counter campaign based around a so called 'blog'. Collectively, anyone critical of the ethics and practices of the business and its owner Raymond McCadden, who left at least £1.96 million owing to HMRC and other creditors when seven of his previous companies went into liquidation, are labelled "The Crazy Gang".

Their aim has been to pick on specific individuals and groups and attempt to discredit them with ridicule, distortions of the truth or just plain lies. In some cases pictures of individuals and peoples' homes have been published on Love Your Puppy in a further attempt to intimidate them.

Protest organised by campaign group Boycott Dogs4Us 11 June 2016

Since there is no right of reply in their pages, this site was created in June 2012 to allow those targeted and their supporters to speak out about the activities of Dogs 4 Us or what has been published by them.


  1. Posted my message on wrong topic. Please can admin delete my other identical post?

    I have been a supporter of PL for years so I know what Dogs4us are stating about members and founders are lies.

    I know its a great source of amusement for Ronnie to read the rubbish they write about her but lets get few things correct. Ronnie does not sit at home telling members what to do, she is out there doing it herself, she has been to many pup farms and obtained evidence as has Jan Gilmour. In 2011 Ronnie was on the road more than she was off it, covering 100’s of miles for the cause. She also has attended many of the protest at Leeds even though its a long trip. You obviously missed her Dogs4us.

    As I said Ronnie is amused by the posts and feels it funny that Dogs4us and mainly Lyn are obsessed with her, she finds it funny that they spend their time searching for any little tiny bits of info. Its all insignificant information but Lyn feels so important when she states things about PL and Ronnie. Her latest misinformation about PL being cowards and backing down regarding a story about a dog bred by KC breeder. That story is still on site Lyn, a few words had to be changed – ‘alleges’ being one of them - but other than that the story is intact. The breeder backed down as he decided not to go further with his complaint.

    And as for Mysitfied making comments on animal rights people staying at her house and being involved in cruelty, she needs to take that up with the person she is speaking about and maybe Dogs4us would like to ask her why she accompanied this person to a pup farm if she knew that she was extremist. Its just not true and Misty cannot prove a word.

  2. PS: Forgot to say...Thank you for creating this blog as a right of reply for those targeted by Dogs4us.

  3. Apart from the idiotically childish comments about peoples’ appearance, I think the criticism of the presence of an 8 year old boy at the demonstration is a cynical attempt to score points.

    The lad was clearly perfectly happy to be there and his grandmother only took him because she knew this was to be a peaceful and good natured protest. She would have taken him away immediately if things looked like turning ugly. Unfortunately I doubt that it will be possible for children to come in future because Dogs4Us seem to have succeeded in stirring up ill feelings among some of the protesters. That was probably their intention.

    I have a 9 year old grandson and he would certainly have been up for it if he didn’t live so far away, so it’s nonsense to say that youngsters can’t make up their own mind about whether they want to be involved.

    And what on earth is that rambling rant from Lyn all about? What has Pembrokeshire Council’s approach to puppy farms vs child protection got to do with an 8 year old being present at this peaceful demonstration in Manchester? Bizarre!!

    1. We agree with you Marion and we also have serious concerns about what Lyn posts on the Dogs 4 Us blog. Here’s another example of a recent one:

      Lyn on June 14, 2012 at 10:39 am said:
      "Have any of you ever read the background of these people that support activist causes ? on some of their public profile pages you will see lots of them admitting to suffering from depression or mental health problems, easily cured if you stay off the waccy baccy and get proper treatment…the world will be a much brighter place…… I will say no more."

      Depression and mental heath problems are sadly an increasing issue in our society. Being able to talk about them is an important part of being able to cope, not a cause for derisory comments.

      As for suggesting that these widespread debilitating conditions will have been caused by drug use, that is utterly despicable and beneath contempt.

    2. Lyn's comments about mental illness are indeed totally beneath contempt, she writes as though she is permanently under the influence of wacci bacci. Bizarre and incomprehensible statements she comes out with make her the head of Dogs4us crazy gang!

      Marion people who are on a loser always resort to personal insults, they cannot justify what they are doing so try to deflect the issue. Chris Kent is as shallow as a puddle, its a good thing people can laugh at his stupid comments and not take them to heart. Lets hope he really has gone to Spain, maybe we will ask some of AR friends in Spain to check his shop out :-)

  4. I find these accusations about drug taking, depression etc all unbelievable. These protests were started to try to educate people where to buy their dogs from, and where NOT to get them from, not to turn it all into a "He said, She said" situation which has now degenerated into an online slagging match.

  5. Perhaps Anon if you were one of those targeted personally by the cretins at D4U you would not be so sad to see them get what they dish out. As has already been stated the protests are against a business and it's ethics D4U turned it into something far more personal and in my opinion sinister. And as for this Lyn person, (male or female) they so very obviously have some kind of personal axe to grind. So sad, imagine living daily with that sort of anger within you! Perhaps they are the one with a mental problem?

  6. Dogs4us say that protesters etc dont know what they are talking about and that their dogs dont come from puppyfarms!!! Well i can safely say that they do!!!!! I am a customer of this disgusting establishment who bought a dog from them that suffers many congenital problems! I was sold a puppy that apparently came from a reputable breeder, had a 6 month gaurentee against congenital problems. It turned out that my puppy came from a puppy farm and when i returned to the store with my sick puppy (day after purchase) i was told that they wouldnt provide medical treatment as it wud b more than the dog was worth!!!! The puppy farm where my dog came from was visited and featured on their documentary (see youtube). My dog is one of the lucky ones and is still with us but she will always have these illnesses that will continue to affect her life.
    Dogs4us feel free to take pictures of my house and publish my story.......oh sorry you wont do that because my story is proof that you are selling sick puppy farmed dogs

  7. I saw the documentary and I found it appalling that the 3 farms which supplied dogs4Us were breeding pups in the most dreadful conditions. What chance do pups have reared this way? And what about the abuse and misery breeding dogs are forced to endure day after day? Didn't Dogs4Us state in their blog that they inspect premises they use? Correct me if I'm wrong on this but I thought I'd read it somewhere.
    Michelle Keegan from Coronation Street was featured on the programme as well and she was disturbed and appalled to see how dogs were kept.
    Jody, I'm so sorry your dog has health problems that affect her life, but you obviously love her very much and she is lucky to have you. Just goes to show Dogs4Us statement regarding their 6 Months guarantee against congenital problems is very misleading if they told you they wouldn't provide medical treatment for your dog....they just expected you to give it back, probably so they could discard it like a piece of rubbish! Future potential buyers beware....

  8. Mr McCadden profile has certainly given an insight into his businesses, a shameful affair, certainly nothing to be proud of. How can the owner of Dogs4Us who's business affairs are in such a shambles have the audacity to edit a Blog and be critical of individuals who have protested and spoken of the sordid trading practice of sourcing litters of puppies from battery dogs farms before selling them onto the unsuspecting public, when his own business affairs are in such chaos?

    He certainly did not want the public to see the placard at one protest where it stated that Dogs4Us was exposed by Channel 5 TV –he blanked it out on his Blog! Anyone who viewed the programe would realize it contradicted what Dogs4Us would like their customers to believe that they purchase puppies from reputable breeders. Reputable breeders do not sell puppies to third parties such as dealers and pet shops. Therefore it is highly unlikely for anyone to find puppies sold by dealers and pets shops from breeders who have health screened their breeding dogs for known hereditary diseases under the Kennel Club and BVA schemes before planning a litter. Resulting in dealers and pet shops with little choice but to source their puppies from anyone who will supply them, which cannot be the best whether they are licensed or not.

    There has been a cowardly effort made by Dogs4Us to discredit those that speak out against battery dog farming and puppy trafficking such as Puppy Love Campaigns, Puppy Alert. Yet, oddly Dogs4Us have ignored focusing on the Channel 5 programe which highlighted some of the premises who supplied Dogs4Us with litters of puppies. Undoubtedly something they would have prefered to have kept under wraps. Are they not brave enough to expose the private life of the producer, where they live (like they did us) for fear of litigation? Much easier to target and try to intimidate us, the Crazy Gang as we are called than tackle TV companies. However, it will take more than words and photos to dampen our spirits, we are not prepared to be talked down when we know we are right in exposing the hidden face behind the legal trade of selling puppies from licensed premises.

    Councils licence premises, not the quality of the puppies bred by breeders and sold by dealers and pet shops. It is the ethics of battery dog farming, the resale of puppies through dealers and pet shops that is questioned by us not the fact of possessing a piece of paper – a licence. It is meaningless to the breeding bitches and stud dogs confined in often deplorable conditions and the endless puppies they are expected to produce, it does not ensure their wellbeing it only gives those in control of their fate the facility to use them for monitory gain. That is what we find unacceptable, it has very little to do with someone operating premises legally with a dog breeders or pet shop licence, because this will not in all instants ensure the dogs and puppies welfare is of the highest standard or that the purchaser is buying a healthy puppy.

    1. You make a very good point there Puppy Alert and one that I think needs to be said again.

      "Councils licence premises, not the quality of the puppies bred by breeders and sold by dealers and pet shops".

      The public misconception (and Dogs 4 Us) is that if the breeding kennels are licensed by the Local Authority that must mean that the dogs held and born in these vile places must be healthy and have their welfare needs met. It is not the dogs that are Licensed IT IS THE PREMISES on the one day a year the LA visit. Remember also these visits for licensing purposes are pre arranged with the Puppy Farmer........

  9. Aye Up Love. Its all very quiet down ont told puppy mill Dogs4us. Perhaps theyve seen errors of ways?

  10. BRZ, I don't think D4U will ever see the error of their ways.
    The only way they will stop selling puppies is if the demand for them stops.
    D4U have no hearts, they don't think they are doing wrong, all they care about is the £££s.
    We need a massive promotion against buying puppies in shops, leading up to Christmas.
    Hit D4U where it will hurt them the most...their fat bulging wallets.
    We need everyone to please do as much educating as possible in the coming months.

  11. What is strange is that they filed business accounts for Pet Planet Superstore Ltd made upto 31/12/2011 and the total exemption was small. Which means they are stating they have no profits to show or the profits were under £5,600: http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/0df3047693c4734e5493d491ead24856/compdetails

    I think this needs to be investigated by HMRC if they are not already doing so.

    1. What that means Gemma is that companies with a turnover of less than £6.5 million are able to file abbreviated accounts with Companies House and do not require an independent audit unless the members (shareholders) require it. We have a copy of the accounts filed.

  12. Does anyone know the names of the puppy farmers? If you exposed them wouldn't they stop?

    1. We know all of those who are licensed by Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion and most of the rest licensed by other Welsh, English and Scottish councils. Unfortunately since the vast majority sell their stock to dealers and pet shops rather than direct to the public, purchasers either never know who bred their puppy, or only find out after they have made the purchase.
      There have been many cases where evidence of the worst abuses has been presented to licensing authorities which have taken no action, so exposing them has limited effect. Until all local authorities take enforcement seriously and the public take a more responsible approach to acquiring their pets, puppy farms will sadly continue to exist, which is why so much effort goes into trying to spread the word.

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