Defamatory 'blogs' taken down

Readers will know that in November 2012 a new 'blog' appeared under the title Puppy Love Exposed. According to the anonymous publisher, it had no connection with Dogs4Us.

Strangely though, its objective of attacking the same individuals and groups opposing the support Dogs4Us gives to the puppy farm trade, was identical to the original Love Your Puppy site, as were the lies it contained.

However it was hosted on the Blogger platform, owned by Google. As an international organisation, Google takes its responsibilities and potential liabilities for content infringing local laws very seriously. Complaints alleging such infringements are investigated by a dedicated team and if upheld, the offending post is removed.

Five notices were served on Google regarding content in posts on Puppy Love Exposed which contained false malicious claims in contravention of the Defamation Act 1996. All were upheld by the Google team and the posts removed.

In spite of Google's actions, the anonymous publisher was both arrogant and stupid enough to re-publish them, in the case of one of them after it had already been removed twice. Consequently on 12 January 2013 the whole 'blog' was removed by Google.

Incidentally, this site is also hosted by Blogger. Although there have been literally hundreds of claims by Dogs4Us that it is falsely maligning them and their owner, Raymond McCadden, not one of our posts has been removed for containing defamatory material.

In a desperate attempt to continue the libellous attacks on those campaigning against Dogs 4 Us, the entire content of the failed Blogger site was copied to a new Puppy Love Exposed 'blog' on the Tumblr platform on 25 January 2013. However following representations to Tumblr, the account was terminated after less than 24 hours, on the same grounds that it was based on malicious false content.

We're sure it's just another of those strange coincidences, but in the two months since the Puppy Love Exposed 'blogs' were removed, Dogs 4 Us have made an additional FOUR posts about publisher Peter Gane. That compares with six in the previous six months. Funny that.