Dogs 4 Us pedigrees

We’ve discussed at length why the 6 month guarantee against congenital defects promoted so vigorously by Dogs 4 Us as a major benefit of buying from them is actually worthless.

Now we’ll turn our attention to another Dogs 4 Us spurious claim which appears in the Love Your Puppy fantasy ‘blog’:

“All Dogs 4 Us puppies are sold with a three generation pedigree and supplied with the name and address of the breeder. We have nothing to hide.  All the puppies mothers are documented on our computer files and those of the registration club, to ensure that the mother of the pups has not bred more than six litters.
This is the standard set down by the government.  So there is no overbreeding from breeders who supply us.  From time to time we inspect the breeding establishments and we can assure you that these are all up to a good standard.”
Wow. That makes it sound like the breeders are registering their dogs on a checkable database with a recognised registration body like the Kennel Club.
Actually no. Puppies sold by Dogs 4 Us are registered by them with a company called The Dog Lovers Registration Club (UK) Ltd. Most people assume that a club is an organisation with a membership, governed by a committee or board which is elected by its members and operating strictly under the terms of a formal constitution adopted by the membership.
The Dog Lovers Registration Club (UK) Ltd is a club in name only. It is a commercial business operated purely for the benefit of its two shareholders who are also its directors.
As to the claim that the files kept ensure a bitch has not bred more than six litters, it is complete nonsense. The only certain record kept of a puppy is if it is actually bought by Dogs 4 Us and registered by them. The breeders supplying them are all commercial businesses who mostly supply a number of retail sources. 
They are under no obligation to register litters sold elsewhere with anyone, and unscrupulous breeders are known to breed from a bitch every time she comes into season. What's more, Dogs 4 Us are wholly reliant on a breeder's honesty in declaring the true ancestry of a puppy. Since these people operate in the shadows and have no public reputation to protect, honesty may not always be a primary concern.
There is also no public access to the registration records as there is for dogs registered with the Kennel Club and Dogs 4 Us only reveal the name and address of the breeder after the sale is made, if at all. If they have nothing to hide as they claim, why the reluctance to identify the breeder until after they have your cash?

We wonder whether it might have something to do with the growing awareness that Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion have the largest concentration of puppy farmers in the UK.
Curiously enough, The Dog Lovers Registration Club Code of Ethics states:
When purchasing a puppy see the puppy's mother and check out the conditions in general. If in doubt do not buy the puppy.”
Doesn’t quite square with their close working relationship with pet shops like Dogs 4 Us does it?
So who is The Dog Lovers Registration Club?

The business was started in 1993 by John Anthony Potts. For the benefit of those who don’t know the full history of Dogs4Us, John Anthony Potts was the original owner of the notorious Mayfield Kennels until he sold it to Raymond McCadden.

So Potts moved from directly supporting the vile puppy farm trade by selling the puppies it produced to a more subtle role, where his business created a veneer of credibility for puppies sold by other retailers, by producing documentation for purchasers which gave the appearance of a formal pedigree registration.
Originally, Potts called his company The Dog Lovers Kennel Club (UK) Ltd, but for some reason the real Kennel Club felt this could be an attempt to deliberately mislead the public, and the name was changed.
John Potts resigned as a director of The Dog Lovers Registration Club (UK) Ltd last year and the current directors and shareholders are his son, Andrew Potts and daughter Deborah Anne Winters, a good friend of Maureen McCadden.

Not entirely an arms length relationship, inspiring confidence in its neutrality and impartiality, you might think.