Over 500 attacks on Peter Gane by Dogs 4 Us

In the first article of this short series, we showed how Dogs4Us owner Ray McCadden has used implied threats to try to intimidate protesters against the support his puppy warehouses in Manchester and Leeds give to the puppy farm trade.

Now we’ll focus on just one example of the other tactic used by Ray McCadden and Dogs 4 Us, which tries to achieve the same goal through the deliberate distortion of the truth, plus exaggeration and outright lies about individuals, published in their so called ‘blog’.

Since July 2012, Dogs4Us has to date posted no fewer than 11 threads, accompanied by a staggering 543 ‘comments’ about yours truly, Peter Anthony Gane, as editor and publisher of this site set up in June 2012 to counter their attempted intimidation and expose the facts about Dogs 4 Us and the appalling business record of Ray McCadden. And the themes of this avalanche of malice from Dogs 4 Us?

“Peter Gane blogs as a woman”
“Peter Gane stole his dead mother’s identity”
“Peter Gane wears his mother’s clothes”
“Peter Gane dissolved 54 companies”

Even if these barmy claims were true, which they aren’t, a casual observer might think that FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR repetitions were a tad excessive. I've included a few examples of the topics posted by Dogs4Us. You can see the literary masterpieces in full by clicking on the captions below the images.

The Anonymous Blogger
I’ve already exposed the deliberate distortion by Dogs4Us about dissolving 54 companies in my profile page, so let's take a look at the facts behind the other 'revelations'.

When Dogs4Us launched their assault on Ronnie Lambert, as described in Part 1, I decided it was time to hit back at the ever more outrageous ‘comments’ being posted on this ‘thread’ by a handful of people using twenty-three fake profiles. In the hallmark style of Dogs 4 Us, responses from anyone known to oppose their views were never published.

Peter Gane Profile
Taking a leaf out of the Dogs4Us book, using my animal loving late mother’s maiden name of Gladys Bull, and creating a completely fictitious background profile for this character, I submitted a comment challenging some of their ludicrous statements. However, that wasn't published either.

Peter Gane the Curtain Twitcher
Rather than let them get away with it, 'Gladys' copied the comment to Puppy Love Campaign's Facebook page and their online newsletter on 23 April 2012. Having enjoyed the spectacle of Ray McCadden's Dogs4Us hyenas queuing up to lay into poor 'Gladys' on Love Your Puppy, 'she' made four more comments on the newsletter, the last on 28 April 2012.
Since 'she' had achieved her objective of winding up the hyenas, 'Gladys' retired to her home in Wales to take no further active part in the campaign opposing Ray McCadden and Dogs4Us, after a career lasting five days with six comments published.

The man with numerous false identities
FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR fraudulent attempts to intimidate and discredit! Two of Raymond McCadden's acolytes have even set up a number of fake Facebook profiles and claimed I was responsible. Is this the behaviour of the owner of a legitimate, licensed business, as Ray McCadden likes to portray himself, or of an unprincipled bully? You be the judge.
Masquerades as Gladys Bull once again

These numbers don't include the FIVE posts and ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO 'comments' published in the 'Puppy Love Exposed 'blog' which attacked precisely the same people as 'Love Your Puppy', but claimed to have no connection with Dogs 4 Us. That 'blog' was shut down by Google after their investigations concluded the purpose was malicious and the content defamatory. More details here.