Ray McCadden profile

Photo of Dogs 4 Us owner Ray McCadden
Raymond McCadden owns Pet Planet Superstore Ltd which trades as Dogs 4 Us, the largest puppy warehouse in the UK. That means he also controls the Love Your Puppy 'blog'. He is very keen to show pictures of the people and homes of those who protest against the sale of puppies by pet shops like his, and give his version of their lives, so it seems only fair to show a picture of him and tell you a little of his affairs.

Ray McCadden's business interests have been many and varied, as sole director of a number of limited companies in sectors as diverse as retail, leisure, construction and commercial property. The common theme through many of them is their propensity to become insolvent and be placed in liquidation. No fewer than seven since 2000, leaving at least £1.96 million owing to creditors. The most recent was Dogs 4 Us Ltd.

"Hang on", I hear you say, "surely Dogs 4 Us is still in business". Well yes it is, but the company that owns it is not the one that owned it up to April 2011. When the original company, Dogs 4 Us Ltd, went into liquidation with unsecured external debts of over £566,000 including more than £310,000 in unpaid taxes, Ray McCadden had already formed a new company, Pet Planet Superstore Ltd. 

He got consent from the High Court of Justice to use the trading name of Dogs 4 Us, bought the stock of the old company from the Liquidator for less than half book value and carried on as if nothing had happened.

Top Ten Leisure Ltd was an operator of ten pin bowling alleys located in Leigh, Greater Manchester and Blackpool. 
It went into liquidation in August 2010 with debts to unsecured creditors of over £200,000, including £34,000 in unpaid taxes.

Diamond Bookmakers Ltd was, as you may guess, a bookmaker, located in Moston, Manchester. That company went into liquidation in May 2009 with unsecured debts of £348,000, including £18,500 in unpaid taxes. The debts also included £184,000 lent to it by Dogs 4 Us Ltd and £86,000 lent by Top Ten Leisure Ltd, both of which as you've already seen, subsequently also went into liquidation.

More McCadden liquidations

Other businesses in the building/construction sector owned by Raymond McCadden which have also gone into liquidation include:
  • Sachmo Projects Ltd wound up by The High Court of Justice on a petition by HM Revenue and Customs in September 2011. Full details of creditors are not published but the liquidator's report to November 2016 shows claims of over £86,500 from one creditor, presumably HMRC. After examination of the companies books and records, the liquidator instructed solicitors to pursue potential claims against the former director, Raymond McCadden. The solicitors advised that proceedings should be issued, but a defence was raised and they concluded that the costs would exceed potential recovery.
  • Actionproof Ltd placed in liquidation in July 2001 with unsecured debts of £405,000 including £70,000 lent by Dogs 4 Us Ltd.
  • Blockform Ltd where the liquidation was completed in December 2000 with a total of £356,420 owing to creditors.
  • Gold Contracting Ltd was ordered to be wound up by the High Court of Justice in October 2005 on a petition from a trade creditor. Full details of debts are not published by the Official Receiver and Liquidator.
Life must be tough - mustn't it?

You might have thought that with such a trail of misfortunes, and debts totaling at least £1.96 million left in their wake, Raymond McCadden would also have suffered significant losses when his companies went bust. 

Well, he would have lost the £1 he invested in one share in each of them and there was one loan from him, but he sold his previous house in 2013 for £2.2 million before buying a former pub in Worsley for £500,000 and converting it into two luxury homes for himself and a family member, so he doesn't seem to be on his uppers yet.

Ray's silver lining

The principal other company of Ray McCadden's is Sacha Corporation Ltd, which operates as owner and manager of commercial properties. It's assets seem to be shrinking as it has disposed of several properties in recent years.

In addition to considerable bank funding, Sacha Corporation received an interest free unsecured loan of nearly £2.3 million from Dogs 4 Us Ltd, which was originally its subsidiary. Dogs 4 Us Ltd became insolvent when it was obvious that Sacha Corporation would not be able to repay the loan on demand, and therefore the loan could not continue to be counted as an asset.

Seems an odd form of justice where McCadden is able to walk away from over £310,000 of unpaid taxes and over £250,000 of other unsecured debts by driving Dogs 4 Us Ltd into liquidation, whilst the company which was the cause of its downfall benefits to the tune of nearly £2.3 million by no longer having to treat the Dogs 4 Us loan as a liability in its accounts.

A twist in the tale

Back in 2015, the liquidator of Dogs 4 Us Ltd believed there was no more money that could be recovered to pay creditors, so formally ended the liquidation and dissolved the company. Ray must have thought that was the end of the story.

However, in May 2017 the liquidator took the highly unusual step of submitting an application to the High Court of Justice, Manchester District Registry requesting that Dogs 4 Us Limited be restored to the Register of Companies and that the liquidation continued.

Based on the evidence submitted, a judge approved the application on 11 July 2017. Consequently a further £24,000 was recovered for creditors.

Other McCadden businesses

Of the remaining companies in which Ray McCadden is the sole director, Manchester Healthcare Ltd is dormant, i.e. it is not trading. Merseywood Ltd, another company originally set up to operate in the healthcare sector was dissolved in August 2012 having been listed as one of the unsecured creditors of Dogs 4 Us Limited which it had apparently lent £346,000 in the McCadden money go round.

Sachmo Developments Limited is described as being in the "Other building and industrial cleaning activities" category of business, but from its accounts doesn't seem to do much other than borrow from and lend to other McCadden companies.

McCadden's more recent ventures were set up in December 2012 as Storm Taverns Limited and Blue Sky Land & Property Limited. Presumably they represent another foray into the leisure and property markets.  

In August 2017 he established another new company, Agecroft Builders Merchants Ltd.

The common feature of all the established companies is that they continue to lend each other money, much of it never repaid, with Pet Planet Superstore Ltd following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Dogs 4 Us Ltd, as the biggest provider of loans.

An uncertain future

Still, with two reports in 2 years from the Liquidator to the Department for Business, Skills and Innovation on his conduct in connection with Top Ten Leisure Ltd and Dogs 4 Us Ltd under the Disqualification of Directors Act 1986,  who knows what the future holds.

Everything stated here is compiled from public records filed at Companies House and other sources in the public domain.