Weasel words from Dogs 4 Us

Llwynfallen Farm mother and puppies
In 2009 Channel Five News at 7 commissioned a report by Jason Farrell into the source of puppies sold by Dogs 4 Us. The film was also broadcast on Sky News and has been watched on YouTube over 69,000 times. You can see the first part of the report here.

The investigation focused on the conditions at three puppy farms in Carmarthenshire known to be suppliers to Dogs 4 Us. One of those was Llwynfallen Farm, owned by the Morgan family, where images of appallingly squalid conditions were captured.

Vet Marc Abraham views the footage 
Vet Marc Abrahams was shown the footage obtained from the farms investigated. Describing what he had seen, he said these were "The most horrific conditions I've ever seen animals kept in." He continued, "There's absolutely no care for these animals whatsoever, apart from to keep them alive to get more puppies out of them."

Carmarthenshire County Council which licences all these establishments was also shown the film and invited to comment. They declined to take part in an interview but issued a statement saying officers would discuss the issues revealed with the persons responsible. Head of Public Protection, Philip Davies, later said that after their investigation, cleaning and repairs were found to be needed, but no offences were noted. 

Really Phil? Hard to imagine that the 5 Freedoms required by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and so abysmally lacking in the video evidence could be remedied by a bit more corrugated iron and a spot of mopping!

Does this sound familiar?
And what of Dogs 4 Us? Well, initially they issued the same statement we have seen so many times when they are challenged on the source of their puppies.

But that wasn't the end of it. Channel Five News ran a follow up report the next day, by which time they had received hundreds of outraged messages from viewers.

Dogs 4 Us realised their original effort wouldn't hold water and faxed the following revised statement to the Channel Five team which read it on air.
"We found it appalling to watch these puppies subject to these conditions and can assure the public that we will not purchase or wish to be associated with breeders who are seen to contravene the terms of their local authority's licensing procedures."
Wow, pretty convincing stuff. Except that this is a carefully crafted piece which like so much from Dogs 4 Us is actually meaningless. Note they will only avoid those breeders who are SEEN TO CONTRAVENE LICENSING PROCEDURES. As we've already shown, it's impossible for any member of the farming community in Carmarthenshire to do anything which can't be put right by a bit more corrugated iron and a spot of cleaning.

Are we being a little too harsh on Dogs 4 Us who claim they have nothing to do with puppy farmers today?

The evidence

During the past month a rescue has been contacted by two separate individuals asking if they could assist in the re-homing of their dogs purchased in 2012. In both case the owners provided registration certificates issued by The Dog Lovers Registration Club showing the dogs were supplied by Dogs 4 Us and the breeder was none other than H B Morgan of Llwynfallen Farm.

That would be the same family which owns one of the premises where Dogs 4 Us claimed to have been appalled to watch the conditions dogs were kept in.

What's more, the paperwork shows that one of the puppies was sold at less than 7 weeks old, meaning it must have been separated from its mother even earlier and much younger than the recommendation of every expert body!

Still want to claim you have nothing to do with puppy farmers Raymond McCadden?

You can see the full five minute follow up report by Channel Five News by clicking here