Libel claims by Dogs 4 Us dismissed

Raymond McCadden, the owner of Dogs 4 Us, who left at least £1.96 million owing in unpaid taxes and other debts when seven of his previous companies were put into liquidation, doesn’t seem to understand what constitutes defamation under UK law.

Since July 2012 members of the McCadden family have submitted no fewer than eight claims to Google (which hosts this blog) that our posts contain defamatory statements and requested their removal.

Defamation is a complex subject but these simple examples may help to guide him in the future.



Making FALSE statements or claims about someone which could harm their reputation.

Making TRUE statements or claims about someone based on verifiable facts.

May be defamatory

Cannot be defamatory

As an example of their complaints, here's the content of the most recent, submitted in December 2016.

Blog owner [REDACTED] ( has set up his blog to try and discredit me Raymond McCadden by persistent use of my name as an individual in the public domain.
 He has used the name Raymond McCadden  to make personal attacks. (Raymond McCadden is not a Company in the public domain)

He is illegally publishing information obtained from Companies House in the UK to harass & cyberbully me via social media and the blog he owns. It is illegal to obtain information from Companies House UK to harass and bully an individual over the internet.

I request an immediate take down of his unauthorised use of my personal photograph and of my home identifying its location and consistent use of my name.

I request that the blog is taken down from public view, as its whole intention is to harass, cyberbully, intimidate and defame me as an individual Raymond McCadden.

All the content on his site  is based on  illegally shared public information.

How many of the eight complaints to Google were rejected after their investigations concluded that the statements made about Dogs 4 Us or Raymond McCadden were factual, the claims of illegality nonsense and the complaints vexatious? All of them!

On the other hand we have served legal complaints about defamatory content in five posts and two complete ‘blogs’ attacking those of us who protest about the support Dogs 4 Us gives to the puppy farm trade.

And how many of those complaints to Google and Tumblr about false statements or claims about individuals were upheld and the content removed? All of them!

No matter how unpalatable Raymond McCadden finds the truth about him and his puppy warehouses being published, trying once again to twist the facts in yet more attempts to silence his critics will not succeed.