Raymond McCadden threatens anti puppy farm campaigners

Anyone who has read the phoney 'blog' created by Raymond McCadden, owner of the puppy warehouses trading as Dogs4Us, will know it was created with the express purpose of attempting to intimidate those who oppose the use of puppies as a retail commodity in support of the puppy farm trade.

In this short series, we'll be giving you more details of the type of tactics Ray McCadden and Dogs 4 Us are using.

Our first story begins on 5 April 2012 when Ray McCadden's 'blog', Love Your Puppy, published a derogatory post about Ronnie Lambert, the principal of Puppy Love Campaigns, which has been a primary target for Dogs4Us since their site first appeared in January 2012.

The post was accompanied by this photo of Ronnie's house. 

Ray McCadden justified the use of this tactic by claiming that an earlier campaigner, Danial Webb, had published photo's of the interior of his home. 

However those photos were in the public domain from an estate agent's website, and used to illustrate the contrast between his luxurious lifestyle and that of puppy farm dogs.

Ronnie's house had never been on such a site, or anywhere else in the public domain.

Of course, having sought out her address from other records, it would have been easy to obtain a shot from Google Earth. But that wouldn't have been intimidatory enough for Raymond McCadden.

Here's a screenshot of the property taken from that application.

Note that the Dogs4Us photo shows the front door has been changed, an outside mailbox has been added and the car is facing the other way.

The only way their photo could have been obtained was if someone from Dogs4Us had physically taken it.

The message it is intended to convey is crystal clear. Not only do we know where you live, but we have already been to your house.

In total, Dogs4Us have published photos of the homes of six individuals who have campaigned against the puppy farm trade. However two of them have taken no part in direct protests against Dogs4Us, so it seems they were targeted on behalf of the supply chain.

Is this the behaviour of the respectable owner of a legitimate licensed business, as Raymond McCadden likes to portray himself? You be the judge.

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