Dogs 4 Us boss requests meeting

After over a year of relative quiet, I received my first ever direct communication from Dogs 4 Us owner Ray McCadden.

Could the timing suggest that he's anxious to stifle public comments about his involvement in the puppy farm trade and other escapades for some current purpose?

Anyway, here's his letter to me (personal addresses and signatures are redacted

Since he's so keen to meet with me that he's willing to travel to Somerset to visit my home unannounced, the least I can do is offer him an opportunity to do so, but not on his rather dictatorial terms.

Here's my reply.......

Watch this space for a report on our meeting....if it takes place of course.


Unsurprisingly, Ray McCadden has declined my offer to meet him by prior appointment at a neutral public location. The tone of his letter of rejection is more intimidatory than his first, repeating that he intends to visit my home unannounced.

I have taken advice on my response and have also been advised that it would be inappropriate to publish this latest exchange, since any further communication or attempted communication from Raymond may lead to criminal charges being brought against him.


  1. I have been trying to stop Raymond McCadden also. And I too live in Somerset. We also have a group that is pursuing the matter and we will continue to do so until he is stopped. Good luck and thank you for putting this blog together.

  2. My goodness! Who has rattled his cage, silly man. Nice response Peter :)

  3. What strange behaviour. Maybe hes cracking up (crosses fingers hopefully) X

  4. Greetings and best wishes from Omagh. Keep up the good work.

  5. Any news of a meeting yet?

    1. As noted in the update to the post, my offer to meet by prior appointment was declined.


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