More lies from Dogs 4 Us

On 26 June 2015 the Yorkshire Standard published a story about the latest protest organised by the Boycott Dogs4Us group at the Dogs 4 Us branch in Leeds against their role in the puppy farm trade.

In the news story, a spokesman for the protest group drew attention to the film produced for Channel Five News and Sky News about the sources of puppies supplied to Dogs 4 Us. 

A Dogs 4 Us spokesperson was invited to respond and her statement included the following in relation to the video below:

“With reference to the Channel 5 programme some six years ago there was no evidence of puppy farming and the producer of the programme confirmed this to us."

Such an outrageous claim provoked a flood of comments on the Yorkshire Standard's website and culminated in the former manager of the Dogs 4 Us Leeds branch contacting Boycott Dogs4Us on Twitter.

How much longer will Dogs 4 Us keep on deceiving consumers?