Dogs 4 Us rubbishes rescue dogs

Following the recommendation by MPs that the sale of dogs by pet shops and other third party sellers should be banned, Daily Mirror journalist Andrew Penman contacted Dogs 4 Us for comment, since they are the largest puppy warehouse in the UK.

Predictably, the spokesman for Dogs 4 Us, who declined to give his name, felt that "people should be able to buy dogs from wherever they want to".

When Penman posed a question about whether it may be better to get your new pet from a rescue centre, the anonymous Dogs 4 Us spokesman made the following outrageous statement:

"I would never encourage someone to buy a dog from a rescue centre, I speak 
from personal experience."

"A lot of people harp on about saving dogs from rescue centres, most dogs in rescue centres are there because of a reason, they've got a history, about 50% of dogs bought from rescue centres are returned within days because there's a problem. 60% of rescue dogs are not suitable for young families."

As everyone who has ever been involved with reputable rescues knows, all dogs are neutered, chipped and assessed for temperament before re-homing. Prospective adopters are screened and home checked to ensure they are suitable owners and that there is a good match between them and the hoped for new member of their family.

Ira Moss of the London based rescue and re-homing charity All Dogs Matter pointed out to Penman "the average return for a rescue dog is only 1%".

Of course at Dogs 4 Us, the only check on potential new owners is whether they have the means to pay the asking price for the puppy on sale.

You can read the full Daily Mirror article here.